Rod McCallum

Executive Director

Rod grew up in San Diego, California and studied religion at Houghton College in Houghton, New York. Following graduation, Rod and his wife settled in Buffalo, NY where they have lived and served on the East Side for over 13 years. Rod served for 10 years as the Director of Compliance, Director of Operations, and the Director of Advancement in an East Side charter school. During this time, the McCallums co-planted a local church and started an urban farm around their East Side home.

As the urban farm developed, God kept bringing kids and youth to the ministry. Over the course of several years, periodic and informal ministry to kids and youth gradually became a regular part of life on the urban farm. On July 1, 2015, Rod left his position at the charter school to pursue full-time ministry to kids and youth in the surrounding neighborhood. For nearly a year, the McCallums explored the most effective ways to minister to youth in communities like Buffalo and determined that Youth For Christ has the strongest ministry results in similar communities, the capacity to cultivate effective ministry in Buffalo, and a ministry strategy designed to grow as large as the community needs. In July of 2016 YFC USA approved a local affiliate in Buffalo, New York and ministry development began.

Rod holds a bachelors degree in religion from Houghton College and is a licensed minister in the Mennonite Church USA. He and his wife have four children and love to explore God's creation together.